Research Reactor Operating Group 2019

Research Reactor Operating Group 2019

30th Annual Meeting

May 14th - 17th, 2019

Institut für Kernchemie, TRIGA Forschungsreaktor Mainz (FRMZ)

Financial support from the Helmholtz-Institute Mainz is gratefully acknowledged




The meeting was held in Mainz, Germany from 14th to 17th of May 2019 at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, organized by the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry. The Institute operates a TRIGA-type research reactor with a thermal power of 100 kW (steady state). The TRIGA Mainz can also be operated in pulse mode.

The invitation to the RROG 2019 was sent also to colleagues of the reactor stations in the UK, the Netherlands, Norway and Romania but they could not participate to the meeting, unfortunately. In advance of the conference, the Dutch colleagues delivered a report about the status of the reactor in Delft. This presentation has been made available to the participants.

During the meeting, the participants presented a report on operation and utilization of their research reactor facilities. The special topic of this year was: “Ageing management and decommissioning of research reactors”. In his presentation, the IAEA-representative, Mr. Ram Charan Sharma, gave an overview on IAEA activities in support of research reactors.

During the afternoon session of the second day, the organizers offered a guided tour to the Research Reactor TRIGA Mainz, including pulse mode operation of the reactor and a visit of the ultra-cold neutron source and the tSPECT-experiment, dedicated to (re)measure the neutron lifetime with high precision.

In the summary discussion, the participants agreed on the following:

  • The special topic for 2020 is: “Organisation of experiments, access conditions and interface to regulatory bodies
  • In the country reports, the facility description should be minimized for having more time available for discussing reactor operation and management issues as well as for the presentation of highlights as well as problems the reactor managers faced in the past year.
  • The next meeting, RROG 31st, will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.


RROG 2019 Group Photo






Name Family name Affiliation Country email
Iiro Auterinen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland
Robert Bergmann TU Wien Austria
Helmuth Boeck TU Wien Austria
Jean-Pierre Chauvin CEA France
Klaus Eberhardt University of Mainz Germany
Filip Fejt Czech Technical University Czech Republic
Miguel Felizardo CTN/IST Portugal
Christopher Geppert University of Mainz Germany
Anže Jazbec Jozef Stefan Institute Slovenia
Péter Juhás Budapest
Research Reactor
Vlastimil Juricek Research Center REZ Czech Republic
Andrea Salvini Università di Pavia - LENA Italy
Ram Charan Sharma IAEA IAEA
Steven van Dyck SCK-CEN Belgium
Melina Varvayanni NCSR Demokritos Greece
Mario Villa TU Wien Austria
Piotr Witkowski NCBJ Poland



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  +49 6131 - 3925321